Speed Up & Upgrade Your Mac

For some Macs, hardware improvements such as upgrading to a solid-state hard drive (SSD), increasing storage, or increasing RAM can breathe new life into your older Mac, giving you a much faster experience and saving you money. Keeping your Mac and iOS software up-to-date and current is key to keeping things running smoothly. Different software version on your Mac, or among your devices can cause glitches, syncing issues, and other funky incompatibilities.
  • Install a larger hard drive
  • Upgrade to an solid-state hard drive (SSD)
  • Increase RAM memory
  • Upgrade macOS or iOS system software Update application software
  • Device performance assessment and tune-up
  • Increase speed and storage with a solid-state hard drive drive (SSD) upgrade or installation
  • Install next-generation mesh WiFi system
  • Create a desktop workstation with a laptop, HD monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories.
  • Configure wireless printing or backup system
  • Quicken and Quicken database upgrade
  • Installing the most recent version of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.
  • Add an External monitor with docking station